Who is Dominique Dufour

Dominique Dufour made her debut on the Montreal culinary scene a little more than a decade ago, before going on an adventure across the country during which she will shape an impressive professional career.

She moved to Vancouver, where she explored French cuisine for three years and participated in the 2010 Olympic Games festivities. She then moved to Toronto where she will study culinary arts at George Brown College. At the young age of 26, she gets her first job as a Chef at Grasslands, a vegan restaurant located in the heart of Toronto. This experience will be decisive, as it will allow her to deepen her knowledge of vegan cuisine in addition to develop her concern for responsible and local food exploitation. She then worked at Patria, a restaurant with Spanish flavors located in Toronto.

Passionate about traveling, Dominique will then complete a few internships abroad, including in Spain and the United Kingdom. She returns home and moves to the Yukon where she will have the opportunity to learn more about organic farming, while nourishing her two passions: responsible cooking and traveling!

After spending a decade working and discovering the rest of the country, she returns to Quebec in 2016. Shortly after getting back, she notices a flagrant lack of support in the Montreal’s culinary scene towards fostering a strong and inclusive female chef community. In response to this gap, she decided to co-create and launch Les Femmes Chefs de Montréal, an organization whose mission is to promote rising female figures in local gastronomy. This project, which is close to her heart, will allow her to take part in several events and develop beautiful collaborations.

A visionary always thirsty for new challenges, she joins forces with the Canadian hotelier Groupe Germain Hotels by taking the helm of Norca Restaurant & Bar, which has open in the spring of 2018 at the new Le Germain Hotel in Ottawa. The menu developed by Dominique showcases Canadian produce and gives her the opportunity to create a unique gastronomic experience.